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This category lists news articles related to deployment.

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FRG serves as pivot point for families of deployed unit

Read these tried-and-tested tips from a unit who learned a lot during their recent deployment.
Operation Tribute to Freedom debuts new Web site

A new Web site went online in March 2005 for Operation Tribute to Freedom, a program to welcome Soldiers home and thank them for their service.

Ministering to Returning Soldiers

Arlington, VA — As our soldiers begin to return from operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan, Army Chaplains are at the forefront in helping Active and Army Reserve soldiers transition back into their everyday lives.

The Army recently launched the Deployment Cycle Support (DCS) program to help soldiers meet the challenges of returning home from a mission. The program is designed to assist soldiers as they reunite with their families, return to their communities, assist on financial matters and re-establish their job role at home base or in the civilian sector.

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