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Deployment Questions
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I am considering going home while my sponsor is deployed. Is this a good idea?

While it is always comforting to go home for short visits, we at CFSC recommend you consider maintaining consistency in your life and your children’s life by staying near the unit. The Rear Detachment Commander (RDC) and FRG provide an effective communication link between the unit’s deployed Soldiers and the families, mutual support during the family separation, and training to help spouses and children adjust to the challenges of a family separation. FRG social activities provide stress relief and reduce family loneliness during deployments.

What is the FRG relationship to the Rear Detachment Commander?

The RDC is the FRG’s link to the deployed unit. All resources support for FRGs, such as meeting rooms, non-tactical vehicle use, office equipment and computers, newsletters, and telephones, would be authorized through the RDC.

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