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Questions about the eArmy Family Messaging System

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Is there any charge to the Unit to use the E-Army Family Messaging System?

The eAFMS System is free to use for all Army FRG units.

I'm still using Tech Radium/CenturyLink. Is this the same as eAFMS?

No; Tech Radium/CenturyLink no longer hosts the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) e-Army Family Messaging System (eAFMS). In 2013, all eAFMS data was successfully migrated to Blackboard Connect and remains available at no cost to Units.

I already have a site on eAFMS.  Do I need to apply again with the new expansion from December 2014?


No; if you are already on eAFMS, there is no need to apply again.  The expansion from December 2014 is to allow Units that have never used eAFMS to gain access to it.

If you have had changes to your Unit since you joined eAFMS such as having a Company join, then you will need to apply for any new Units or Units that weren't included in the first place.  But if there are no updates to your hierarchy branch, there is no need to submit any application.  Your access to eAFMS will remain as is.

Will the report tell me the phone numbers that were unreachable?


Yes.  The report does a breakdown of the recipients so you can determine the outcome of each person who was sent the message.

What happens with answering machines?


eAFMS will detect an answering machine and attempt to leave a message.  In the report you get for the message, it will let you know the breakdown of how many messages were answered by a person, how many had an answering machine, and how many were unreachable.

I'm at the Brigade.  Can I see the users for the Battalions and Companies underneath me?


Yes.  eAFMS recognizes the hierarchy and higher Units can see the users for the lower Units.  Thus, when you upload your spreadsheet, you'll want to insert the person at the lowest level.

This applies to Groups, too.  If a Group is created at the Company level, the Battalion and Brigade above the Company can send a message to that Group.  When you create your message, just put the name of the Group in the To field and it will find it for you to select.

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