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Just Getting Started with FRG
Just getting started? Check here for the most common questions new FRG Leaders have.

Category Questions

Who chooses the FRG Leader?

Officially, the unit commander appoints an FRG Leader, in writing. Some groups may choose to have a vote or ask for volunteers. However, the ultimate decision is always the right and responsibility of the unit commander.

Is the commander's spouse always the FRG Leader?

No. The FRG Leader is a volunteer position that is appointed by the unit commander. It is the commander's responsibility to appoint a willing volunteer whom he/she feels can best relate the FRG goals to its members.

I just agreed to be the FRG Leader. Where do I start?

Great question! A good first step is to schedule an appointment with your company-level commander. Ask what his/her goals are for the FRG and what expectations he/she has of you.

From there, you'll want to check the essentials, which will guide you in your initial planning:

Is there an updated phone tree?
How often will you send newsletters? What will you include in the newsletters?
How often would you like to hold meetings?
And, most importantly, plan a way to call and get to know the families in your FRG.

What is my relationship with the company-level commander?

The FRG is, by Army regulation, a commander's program. The commander is ultimately responsible for the success of the FRG. As the FRG Leader, it is your responsibility to team with the commander, understand his/her goals for the FRG, and work to fully support those goals. Whether you are the spouse of the commander or not, it is important to schedule regular meetings to discuss FRG-related issues. Working together and presenting a united front to your group will help the FRG members feel confident about their FRG.

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