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About the vFRG system
Click here for answers to all your questions about the new Department of the Army virtual Family Readiness Group web system!

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About vFRG Site Administrators (6)

Wondering who your unit Site Administrator will be and what they'll be responsible for doing? Read about it here.
Feedback FAQs (3)

FAQs from the Feedback Module
Registration (3)

Questions about registering to the site and subscribing to an FRG.
UIC (4)

Quesitons about the UIC, or Unit Identification Code.

Category Questions

What are categories?

Categories are the best way to organize content within your Content Management System. Use main topic headers for the category name and "file" all information pertaining to that topic in that category. This makes your site user-friendly.

Who is funding the vFRG system?

The Virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG) System is a Department of the Army (DA) program, funded by U.S. Army IMCOM G9 Family and MWR Programs (IMCOM). IMCOM serves as the headquarters for Army MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) and provides oversight for Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) operations worldwide. IMCOM is committed to providing the highest quality MWR programs that support Soldiers (active and reserve), DA civilians, retirees and their Families.

Is there any cost to FRGs or units to utilize this system?

No. This system is fully funded by the Department of the Army, Family and Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Command. There is no cost to units, FRGs, or users.

Do I have to download the system or purchase software?

No. The entire vFRG system is hosted online. The only requirement for accessing the system is an internet provider. There are no costs involved for users, no downloads required, and no software to purchase.

Who can register for a command's vFRG site?

Soldiers, family members, friends, and interested persons who will be sponsored by a Soldier. New users will indicate their ‘Soldier of Interest’ and will be sponsored by that Soldier. At this time, there is no limit to the number of persons sponsored by a Soldier. Final approval of new users is determined by each unit’s vFRG site administrator.

How do new users register for the system?

Go to Click on “REGISTRATION” and follow the instructions provided there. You must know have your Soldier's first name, last name, last four of SSN, command name and it's permanent location.

Will installation servers be burdened by this system? Where is the system hosted?

No, installation servers will not be utilized. The system is hosted on DefenseWeb Technologies, Inc. servers.

Can the site just ‘point’ to my current unit website?

No. This system is the only web system approved and funded by the Department of the Army.

Is utilizing the site mandatory?

No, the vFRG system is not mandatory for any unit. However, this system is provided by the Department of the Army to all units, without cost to the unit, and offers more Army-specific functionality than any other system. It also is the only website server approved by the Department of the Army.

Unit commanders are ultimately responsible for decisions about utilizing the vFRG system for their unit.

Will my website be monitored?

No. All content and information on your site is provided by your unit. All site administrators should be trained and familiar with OPSEC guidelines. Site administrators are responsible adherence to OPSEC guidelines and monitoring of their vFRG site.

Will my unit's site be immediately available upon release to users?

Yes, once you are notified your site has been released by DefenseWeb Technologies, it is live on the system and available to subscribers. The information posted within the site will not be available for viewing by users until final approval of registration is made.

How often do vFRG Train the Trainer Webinars last?

It usually takes 2 hours.

How can I find out more about how the features work?

At, go to “Downloads” and click on “Help Documentation.” These modules will take site administrators step-by-step through each feature.

I'm new to this site. What do I do?

You will need to register for this site, which involves knowing what command your Sponsor belongs to, its permanent location, and the last four of your Sponsor's Social Security number to be able to apply for access to the Unit's site. You will need to select your Sponsor's home station location from the "Find an FRG" map and then follow the prompts.

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