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About vFRG Site Administrators
Wondering who your unit Site Administrator will be and what they'll be responsible for doing? Read about it here.

Category Questions

Who serves as the unit Site Administrators?

The site administrators are chosen by the unit. They should be active participants in the unit and will be approved by the unit commander. The selected site administrators should have basic computer knowledge, dedication to the unit, and a sense of accountability to the Soldiers and families of the unit. It is recommended that more than one site administrator be chosen for each unit to share the duties.

What responsibilities do the Site Administrators have?

Site Administrators are chosen by the unit commander. The commander will decide what specific responsibilities the Site Administrators will have. Generally speaking, Site Administrators will be responsible for actions such as: adding content to the unit website, monitoring discussions and forums, and approving users for the unit's webpage.

What time commitment is involved for Site Administrators?

Time commitment for unit Site Administrators is directly dependent on the unit itself. How often information is updated, how much content is added, and the level of detail involved will be up to the unit commander and the unit Site Administrators. Once the websites are functional, the commander and Site Administrators will likely establish a 'battle rhythm' of scheduling regular updates, reports, and monitoring of the website.

How do Site Administrators receive training for this system?

Site Administrators can familiarize themselves with the system in several ways:
1. Read and utilize System Administrator’s Guide.
2. Complete the online training modules located at vFRG Training.
3. Attend a System Administrator’s Train-the-Trainer “Webinar”. The schedule is available at Calendar link.
4. Utilize “Feedback” email, if you have a technical support question about your site.

What are categories?

Categories are the best way to organize content within your Content Management System. Use main topic headers for the category name and "file" all information pertaining to that topic in that category. This makes your site user-friendly.

I am no longer the vFRG Administrator for this unit. What should I do to remove my name from the unit’s vFRG?

To remove yourself from the vFRG site entirely, please login at the Army FRG homepage. Use the “My FRGs” drop-down menu to select your former unit. Once on the unit’s homepage, simply click “Unsubscribe from this FRG.” Changes will take effect immediately, removing all access from that unit’s vFRG site.

To remove your administrative rights, but keep your subscription to the unit’s vFRG site, please login at the Army FRG homepage. Use the “My FRGs” drop-down menu to select your unit. Once on the unit homepage, click “Control Panel” then scroll to “Subscription List.” Locate your name on the “Subscription List” and click “Can Admin” to remove the check mark there. Click “Save.” Changes will take effect immediately, removing your administrative rights, but not your access to the unit site.

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