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Roles related to FRG
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Category Questions

What is the role of the Unit Commander?

The Commander’s role is to establish and support the FRG and the volunteers who lead the group. The FRG is the Commander’s program and it is their responsibility to ensure information is shared with the unit families whether the unit is in garrison or deployed. They also appoint, in writing, the FRG Leader, Liaison and Treasurer and approve the newsletter for distribution and any unit fundraisers.

What is the role of the FRG Leader?

The FRG Leader supports the Commander’s family readiness goals and ensures that unit news is communicated to the family members. They also recruit and motivate volunteers to serve on committees and delegate FRG responsibilities to the selected Chairpersons. The FRG Leader acts as a unit FRG spokesperson for communicating family members’ concerns and ideas to the unit commander and serves as a member of the battalion-level steering committee.

What is the role of the FRG Support Assistant?

FRG Support Assistants (FRSA) serve as a link between FRG Leaders, the Unit and the community and is a paid position usually at the battalion and brigade levels. Their role is to help lighten the load of FRG Leaders by providing administrative assistance as well as work with the Rear Detachment Commanders to provide accurate and timely information to the FRGs.

What is the role of the FRG Liaison?

The FRG Liaison is the Commander’s military representative. They support the FRG Leader with communication between the FRG and the Commander. They also assist the unit’s S1 with all family related issues, tracks deployment/redeployment timelines and breaks down military language into civilian language for the family members.

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