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Is the vFRG system secure?

Yes. The three web systems supporting the U.S. Installation Management Command (including the ACS Staff, Army OneSource, and Virtual Family Readiness Group web systems), have been through extensive security and threat vulnerability testing to protect the users and information. IMCOM received an Authority to Operate (ATO) for all of these web systems in compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD) Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). The full three year ATO was granted in FY09 and is scheduled for another review in FY12.
Who serves as the unit Site Administrators?

The site administrators are chosen by the unit. They should be active participants in the unit and will be approved by the unit commander. The selected site administrators should have basic computer knowledge, dedication to the unit, and a sense of accountability to the Soldiers and families of the unit. It is recommended that more than one site administrator be chosen for each unit to share the duties.
What is the Sponsor Database used for and who will have access to this information?

The Sponsor Database is the list of Soldiers, DA Civilians, and other official staff that the FRG Administrator for the site should have. Only the FRG Admins will have access to the tool that allows upload of that information to the site.
What responsibilities do the Site Administrators have?

Site Administrators are chosen by the unit commander. The commander will decide what specific responsibilities the Site Administrators will have. Generally speaking, Site Administrators will be responsible for actions such as: adding content to the unit website, monitoring discussions and forums, and approving users for the unit's webpage.
Do we have to fill out the Sponsor Database Template with everyone in the Unit, including the ones who have already registered?

For any individual upload, no. If you have a Company joining your Unit, you can create a database of just those Company members and use the "Add Sponsors" option to add them to your Sponsor Database. Your current Sponsor Database will be kept and the new people will be added to it.

For other instances, instead of trying to determine which Sponsors are and are not already in the system, we recommend that you upload your entire Unit roster to the system. This will not adversely affect anyone already registered, but will ensure that your list is complete.
Do I really have to enter all of our Sponsors into the Sponsor Database? Our unit is quite large and that will be difficult for us.

We do understand that for some FRGs, the Sponsor Database will be quite large. However, this roster already exists in each unit and can easily be converted to the Sponsor Database Template. The only way for users to subscribe is to identify themselves with a Sponsor in the Sponsor Database.

By uploading that list to the Army FRG site, this process can be automated. Rather than having to look up each subscriber on a piecemeal basis, the system will automatically match the Sponsor's information to the Sponsor Database and when there is a match, automatically approve the subscription. Similarly, the Sponsor can then write up his or her list of Family Members and add those to the "Sponsor Others" list.

When those Family Members subscribe to the FRG, they will be compared against the Sponsor Others list and when there is a match, be automatically approved.

The FRG Admin will always receive notice of when someone has requested a subscription to the FRG, including automatic approvals. If there is no match with the Sponsor Database, the FRG Admin will then be able to manually add a Sponsor and approve the request through the Subscription List.

Too, the database can be uploaded in steps. If you have a large list and need to compile it by hand, you can do part of it now, upload just that part, and then upload the rest of it later.

Please note that the information for the database is quite minimal needing only the Sponsor's first name, last name, last four, and UIC for the unit (that last will be the same for everyone.)

The development of the Sponsor Database was to help automate the process of approving subscriptions to your FRG. In order to do that, the system needs to know who your Sponsors are.

For more information about how to convert your Alpha Roster into a Sponsor Database, download the following file:

Upload the Sponsor Database
Are we going to have to upload the data from the "Sponsor DB Template" to the vFRG system ourselves or do you just need us to send the finished file?

You must complete your Sponsor Database according to the Template. Do not change the formatting of the Template in any such as by adding borders, colors, shading, fonts, centering, etc. Then, you'll go into your vFRG and then into the Control Panel for that FRG. There, you will see the "Sponsor" control panel. In the Sponsor control panel, there is a link, "Upload Sponsor DB." Click on that to upload the Excel spreadsheet you've created.

For more information about how to convert your Alpha Roster into a Sponsor Database, download the following file:

Upload the Sponsor Database
Do I have to move all of my Sponsor names to the Template or can I upload my own Excel spreadsheet?

Because the parser for the Sponsor Database requires the information to be formatted in a specific way, we recommed using the Template rather than trying to create one for yourself.

The Template has been preformatted to match the needs of the parser and should not be altered in any way such as by adding borders, colors, shading, fonts, centering, etc.

For more information about how to convert your Alpha Roster into a Sponsor Database, download the following file:

Upload the Sponsor Database
What is a UIC?

UIC stands for “Unit Identification Code.” The UIC is a six-character, alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each Active, Reserve, and National Guard unit of the Armed Forces.
I need to know how to get the UIC information for the vFRG site where I serve as a Site Administrator. Can you tell me where I get this information?

The Unit Commander, Rear Detachment Commander, or Unit Staff will be able to provide this information for you.
Our unit is currently in the transformation process. Our geographical location will be the same, but the UIC will change. Should I update the information now or wait for the change?

The information for the FRG can be updated at any time. The new system's method of helping a user find the FRG to subscribe to will include the geographic information and the UIC information to provide multiple ways of finding the FRG rather than just the name. If the status of your FRG changes, you can update the information for your FRG and the system will adjust accordingly.
Do you want the Unit's UIC on the Sponsor Database Template or the separate Company UIC that each individual Sponsor is in?

The UIC used should be the UIC of the vFRG site developed. If it is a Battalion site, then you would use the UIC for the Battalion (which most of the time ends with a "AA"); if it is a waiver-approved Company site, then you would use the Company's UIC.

Thus, every single entry in your entire Sponsor Database will have the same UIC no matter what. This should be the same UIC that is listed in the "FRG" module under "Edit FRG."
Must the Sponsor Database be uploaded for Family Members to gain access?

Yes. The only way to subscribe to a Unit's vFRG site is to identify yourself against the Sponsor Database. The information your site is for the members of the FRG only. It is not for general broadcast. To ensure that only members of the FRG have access to the site, the system uses the Sponsor Database to validate the identities of subscribers.
If our unit is currently deployed to Iraq, do we annotate IRAQ (OCONUS) or do we annotate our home installation, Fort Hood, TX (CONUS)?

The “Find an FRG” list will be based on your home installation. In this case, you would annotate Fort Hood, TX.
What if a user does not have the Soldier’s Social Security Number?

There is no way to subscribe to a site without having the Sponsor's last four digits of the SSN as this is how the system validates your connection to the unit. You will need to contact your Sponsor for this information.

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