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FRG Leaders and the vFRG

Mother and daughterThe Army FRG website provides Commanders and FRG Leaders with a secure way to communicate information to their Unit’s Soldiers and their Family Members 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  By establishing a Unit vFRG site, Commanders and FRG Leaders can provide information, photos/videos, downloadable files, and more to the Soldiers of the Unit and their Family Members.  In cooperation with the Unit’s Commander, FRG Leaders are responsible for maintaining the Unit’s site as well as updating the Sponsor (Soldier) database, approving site subscriptions, responding to questions, and more.

A Unit’s virtual FRG site (vFRG) promotes a community feeling within Units by providing a place that is customized to the Unit and contains content that is controlled by the Unit.  The creation of a Unit's vFRG site involves no cost to the Unit and includes training and support using a variety of methods.  It is easy to get started and a new vFRG site can be created for an Army Unit in a matter of days!  Once you have approval from the Unit Commander, follow these five easy steps to create a new Unit vFRG site as an FRG Leader:

  1. Click the  button.
  2. Enter your Unit information.
  3. Await a site approval email from FMWRC, which generally arrives within a few days.
  4. Follow the site creation instructions in the approval email.
  5. Upload site content.

Click here for a description of the site creation procedure.

Online tools include:


FRG Leader user guide:

For additional assistance:




Army FRG Overview

Learn about the Army FRG System and what it can do here.  This video covers:

  • The purpose of the Army FRG System
  • A brief introduction to subscribing (full instructions can be found below)
  • The Army FRG Home Page
  • Switching Sites
  • The Top Navigation Bar
  • Using Contact Us

Army FRG Overview

Applying for a Site

Learn how to apply for a site on Army FRG.  Please note, only the Commander or the Commander's Delegate should apply for a site.  Presence on the Army FRG System requires personnel to maintain the site.  If your Unit does not have a site on Army FRG, contact your FRG Leader for more information.

Army FRG Site Application Video

Army FRG Site Application One-Sheet

Army FRG Site Application Manual

FRG Leader Online Training Course

The online FRG Training course was developed to train FRG Leaders on their roles and responsibilites to the FRG.  Below is a list of the four sections of the course:

  • Managing 
  • Leading 
  • Connecting
  • Empowering

The trainings reside in the E-Learning Center on Army OneSource.

To start training today, click here.

DoD Military Assistance Program Central

An internet desk guide providing information for families and family program professionals throughout the Department of Defense.  Resources and information include Chaplains, Commissaries, education, crisis intervention, exchanges, health, housing, and legal services for all services, not just Army.

FRG Leader Downloads
FRG Leader's Handbook
Use this comprehensive handbook to guide you through your role and responsibilities as an FRG Leader.
File Size : 2 MB | Source: Family Programs IMCOM, G9, Family and MWR Programs
Smart Book
The Smart Book zip file contains a tremendous amount of information for managing an FRG.
File Size : 7 MB | Source: U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Family and MWR Programs
Naturalization Through Military Service Fact Sheet
Contains information about eligibility criteria.
File Size : 44 KB | Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Operation READY "Establishing the FRG Newsletter"
An excellent, very thorough guide to establishing your newsletter. This is a MUST-READ.
File Size : 196 KB | Source: ACS and Operation READY
FRG Treasurer's Training
FRG Treasurer's Training
File Size : 616 KB | Source: IMCOM
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