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Places in the News

Maps and facts from happening places around the world

Views: 354
Today in History

Learn what happened this day in History.

Views: 381
Wise Guide to Local Government

Your monthly guide to the many fascinating and useful resources available from the Library's Web site

Views: 397
What's It Like Where You Live?

Find out what it's like to live in the rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, grasslands and temperate climates. Includes where these biomes are located, animal and plant life,weather, stories, and more links about the biomes! Phenomenal!

Views: 329

Play games, write mad libs(Bug Libs), be a net detective! Kids can learn about the different cultures and histories of countries around the world. There's lots of fun, imagination, and adventure!

Views: 652

Everything you could possibly want to know about bats....and then some! Easy to read, great information, and games, too!

Views: 372
Animals of the World Game

Students will have a great time learning the characteristics of different types of animals while playing this game!

Views: 1511
Jack London's Ranch

Visit the Jack London's Ranch and read about his life.

Views: 383
Jules Verne

Read about Jules Verne and see where he lived. Also find some myths about the man.

Views: 399
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