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Reference Kids and Teens
Reference Kids and Teens

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Cool Schools (5)

Try a semester at sea, or go live in Italy and learn the language. There are thousands of programs out there just waiting for you!!
Currency Facts(Money)

Find out about currencies used around the world. How do you think the US dollar measures up. (TIP: Currency = type of money)
Entertainment News

News from the entertainment industry (actors, musicians, and more...)
Featured (4)

Featured Description
Learn some History (5)

Cool facts and information
More Kids Links (15)

More Kids Links
Panels and Chat Rooms (1)

Have questions?? Check out what kids like you are talking about these days.
Science News (1)

Science news
Skin and Beauty (4)

Why is your skin acting up?? Find out how to remedy the situation.
Volunteer (2)

Find out about volunteer opportunities

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