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FRG Leaders
FRG Leaders

FRG Leaders Categories
Coping with Casualties (2)

A somber reality of today's Army, many FRG Leaders may deal with a casualty in their unit. This advice is for those difficult times.
Dealing with Deployments (4)

Advice, tools, and tips on leading your FRG through an operational deployment.
FRG Funds and Fundraising (2)

Tips on documenting your FRG Funds, plus some great fundraising ideas.
FRG Regulations (4)

A list of the Department of the Army and Major Army Commands regulations associated with FRGs.
Kids & Teens (7)

Resources for younger family members on dealing with deployment.

Category Files
FRG Leader's Handbook
Use this comprehensive handbook to guide you through your role and responsibilities as an FRG Leader.
File Size : 2 MB | Source: Family Programs IMCOM, G9, Family and MWR Programs
Smart Book
The Smart Book zip file contains a tremendous amount of information for managing an FRG.
File Size : 7 MB | Source: U.S. Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Family and MWR Programs
Naturalization Through Military Service Fact Sheet
Contains information about eligibility criteria.
File Size : 44 KB | Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Operation READY "Establishing the FRG Newsletter"
An excellent, very thorough guide to establishing your newsletter. This is a MUST-READ.
File Size : 196 KB | Source: ACS and Operation READY
FRG Treasurer's Training
FRG Treasurer's Training
File Size : 616 KB | Source: IMCOM
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