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Help Documentation
These files will lead you through the features on the vFRG system. They are "how to" guides for the site administrators for each unit.

Category Files
Calendar Module
Documentation explaining Calendar Module
File Size : 378 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Download Center Module
Documentation explaining the Download Center Module
File Size : 555 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Emergency Form User Guide
Information to get started using the Emergency Form module.
File Size : 408 KB | Source: FRG
FAQ Module
Documentation explaining the FAQ Module
File Size : 458 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Forum Module
Documentation explaining the Forum Module
File Size : 459 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
GoogleApps User Guide
A guide on how to set up, access, and use the features in GoogleApps.
File Size : 1 MB | Source: ArmyFRG Support
HTML Coding: Beyond the Toolbox
A PowerPoint Presentation regarding basic HTML and how it can be used in Page Builder.
File Size : 795 KB | Source: Army FRG
Important Information Checklist
Documentation explaining Important Information Checklist
File Size : 304 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Internet Explorer 8 and Army FRG
With Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft changed the way it handles file uploads to servers compared to versions 6 and 7. This can cause a problem when you try to upload a photo into Page Builder.

Follow these instructions to configure Version 8 of IE to behave like Version 7.
File Size : 223 KB | Source: Army FRG Support
Links Module
Documentation explaining the Links Module
File Size : 477 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
News Module
Documentation explaining the News Module
File Size : 471 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Page Builder Module
Page Builder Module guide
File Size : 505 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Photo Gallery Module
Documentation explaining the Photo Gallery Module
File Size : 520 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Store Module
Guide for administering the Army FRG store module.
File Size : 269 KB | Source: Army FRG
Telephone Tree Module
Documentation explaining vFRG Telephone Tree
File Size : 423 KB | Source: Army vFRG Support
Uploading the Sponsor Database
Instructions on how to convert an Alpha Roster into the Sponsor Database.
File Size : 1 MB | Source: Army vFRG Support
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