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Video Training for Army FRG

Welcome to the Video Training for the Army FRG System.  The following videos will give you an overview of the Army FRG System and help you learn how to subscribe to Army FRG as well as apply for a Unit site.  The links provided will open up a new tab to the Army FRG's private YouTube channel.

Contact Us

Need help with Army FRG?  Use the Contact Us section.  You can send feedback to HQ Family Programs if you have questions about FRG Policy, to Technical Support if you have questions about using the site, and to Your Unit if you need to contact the admins for your site.

Using Contact Us

Army FRG Overview

Learn about the Army FRG System and what it can do here.  It covers:

  • The purpose of the Army FRG System
  • A brief introduction to subscribing (full instructions can be found below)
  • The Army FRG Home Page
  • Switching Sites
  • The Top Navigation Bar
  • Using Contact Us

Army FRG Overview


Subscribing to a site is quick and easy.

Learn how to subscribe if you are a Sponsor:

Subscribing as a Sponsor Video

Subscribing as a Sponsor Manual

Learn how to subscribe if you are a Family Member:

Subscribing as a Family Member Video

Subscribing as a Family Member Manual

Applying for a Site

Learn how to apply for a site on Army FRG.  Please note, only the Commander or the Commander's Delegate should apply for a site.  Presence on the Army FRG System requires personnel to maintain the site.  If your Unit does not have a site on Army FRG, contact your FRG Leader for more information.

Army FRG Site Application Video

Army FRG Site Application One-Sheet

Army FRG Site Application Manual

Inviting Family Members

If you're a Sponsor, you can invite your Family Members to the site.  By doing so, they will be automatically approved when they subscribe.  To learn how to invite your Family Members, see the following video:

Invite Family Members

Video Email

The Video Email System allows you to upload video onto Army FRG and then send a message to your friends and family with a link to view it.  For instructions on how to use the system including how to upload videos, send your message, and manage the videos you have uploaded, view this training.

Video Email

Choose Your Unit Site

My Unit

Army FRG Home page