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Getting Started as a Soldier/DA Civilian

The Army FRG website is a secure site only available to Soldiers/DA Civilians and their Family Members.  The Army FRG site enables Soldiers/DA Civilians to access important information about their Unit 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Soldiers/DA Civilians can invite their Family Members to subscribe to the Unit’s site to provide them with a valuable resource to gain information about the Unit.

A Unit’s virtual FRG site (vFRG) promotes a community feeling within Units by providing a place that is customized to the Unit and contains content that is controlled by the Unit.  Unit vFRG sites can be accessed any time to view information and photos, read stories, ask questions, participate in Forums, and much more.

To subscribe to a Unit’s vFRG site as a Sponsor (Soldier/DA Civilian), follow these four easy steps:

  1. Click the  button.
  2. Look up yourself as the Sponsor.
  3. Click on your FRG's name from the list.
  4. If you need to create an account, fill in your profile.

FRG Soldier/DA Civilian Video and User Guide:

Online tools include:

For additional assistance:

Army FRG Overview

Learn about the Army FRG System and what it can do here.  This video covers:

  • The purpose of the Army FRG System
  • A brief introduction to subscribing (full instructions can be found below)
  • The Army FRG Home Page
  • Switching Sites
  • The Top Navigation Bar
  • Using Contact Us

Army FRG Overview

Sponsoring Others

Your family wants to be as informed as possible about your Unit.  Be sure to sponsor Family Members to join your Unit's vFRG. As a registered Soldier, anyone you sponsor is automatically approved for your Unit's vFRG.  You can also manage your sponsor list from anywhere in the world. 

The sponsor process is simple:
  • Log in to ArmyFRG.
  • Go to the Site Tools menu and click on "Subscription Tools."
  • If you haven't invited anyone, the Sponsor List will be empty.  Click on "Invite Others" to start.  If you do have people on your Sponsor List, click on "See all" to add more.
  • Enter in the First & Last Name and Email Address for the Family Members you would like to invite and select the site to which you'd like to invite them.  Then click on "Invite Users."
  • The Family Members will be added to your Sponsor List and an invitation email will be sent inviting them to the site.
  • Once they complete their registration, they're automatically approved for your Unit's site.

For a video training on how to invite your Family Members:

Inviting Family Members

Choose Your Unit Site

My Unit

Army FRG Home page