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The Operation: Military Kids (OMK) Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!)

The Operation: Military Kids (OMK) Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!)


Ready, Set, Go! Training & Manual


The Operation: Military Kids (OMK) Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!) Training Manual was developed for distribution to state, regional and local teams and key military, school & community stakeholders via coordinated regional and local training efforts to increase understanding of the unique issues facing military youth dealing with the deployment and reintegration of a parent or loved one. 


These manuals cover a variety of issues surrounding the effects of deployments on children and are an excellent tool in developing support networks for these young people.  The manual is broken into chapters and provide pertinent information such as an introduction to the military and it's customs and culture, the five steps of the deployment process, dealing with the media, fostering resilience in young people and building a community capacity to support military kids.


Each OMK state has sent a state team consisting of various partners to a National RSG! training.  These state teams are now available to provide trainings in a variety of areas that pertain to building support networks for these young people.  For more information on your state's RSG! training or to obtain copies of the RSG! manual, contact your State OMK POC by going to


Anticipated outcomes of this manual and accompanying training include:

·         Providing participants with hands-on practical information to assist them in building capacity to educate communities about local issues related to supporting military kids currently coping with the stress of knowing their parents or loved ones are in harms way.

·         Supporting participants with planning, implementation, and facilitation of training at the state, regional and local levels to increase understanding and support for National Guard, Reserve and other military youth impacted by the current global war on terrorism.

 RSG! Training Manual Chapters are organized as follows:

·         Lesson Plan - Including purpose, training objectives, timeframe, and preparation/materials needed

·         Training Session Content Including power point training slides, accompanying key what to do and what to say talking points for discussion and hands-on activities with corresponding instructions

·         Must Read™ Background Material To increase trainer(s) knowledge regarding topics presented

·         Evaluation Suggested reflection & application questions to measure understanding


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