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Do I really have to enter all of our Sponsors into the Sponsor Database? Our unit is quite large and that will be difficult for us.

We do understand that for some FRGs, the Sponsor Database will be quite large. However, this roster already exists in each unit and can easily be converted to the Sponsor Database Template. The only way for users to subscribe is to identify themselves with a Sponsor in the Sponsor Database.

By uploading that list to the Army FRG site, this process can be automated. Rather than having to look up each subscriber on a piecemeal basis, the system will automatically match the Sponsor's information to the Sponsor Database and when there is a match, automatically approve the subscription. Similarly, the Sponsor can then write up his or her list of Family Members and add those to the "Sponsor Others" list.

When those Family Members subscribe to the FRG, they will be compared against the Sponsor Others list and when there is a match, be automatically approved.

The FRG Admin will always receive notice of when someone has requested a subscription to the FRG, including automatic approvals. If there is no match with the Sponsor Database, the FRG Admin will then be able to manually add a Sponsor and approve the request through the Subscription List.

Too, the database can be uploaded in steps. If you have a large list and need to compile it by hand, you can do part of it now, upload just that part, and then upload the rest of it later.

Please note that the information for the database is quite minimal needing only the Sponsor's first name, last name, last four, and UIC for the unit (that last will be the same for everyone.)

The development of the Sponsor Database was to help automate the process of approving subscriptions to your FRG. In order to do that, the system needs to know who your Sponsors are.

For more information about how to convert your Alpha Roster into a Sponsor Database, download the following file:

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