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Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Users

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Users
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The changes to Army FRG to allow for the use of Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have continued and now include Page Builder. You will be able to manage your entire site using any browser on any platform, Windows or Mac.

With this update, some changes have been made to Page Builder. The basic functionality remains the same, but you will notice the following differences:

  1. The pencil icon for editing outlets is gone. In the old version of Page Builder, to edit an outlet required you to click on the pencil icon for it to bring up the Toolbox. Now, you only need to click in the outlet. To make the Toolbox go away, just click anywhere outside the outlet.
  2. Dragging outlets will show you where the outlet will drop into place. Before, when you moved an outlet, you had to make sure you paid attention to the upper-left corner in order to determine where the outlet would snap in when you dropped it. Now, the system will show you where the outlet will snap in.
  3. Outlet colors are displayed within the management side. You can color the outlets by editing the frame to make the title bar appear in various colors. Previously, you would only see this on the user side but the system will now display the frame coloring when you are editing the page as well.
  4. You may encounter some unusual behavior when working with Internet Explorer and tables. Depending upon which version of Internet Explorer you are using and what mode it is in, some of the formatting such as colored borders or the alignment of the table may not appear as normal when you are editing the page. Please note, the page will display properly when viewed by the user.

If you experience any trouble with the new Page Builder, please let us know by clicking on Contact Us and sending your feedback to Technical Support.

Now that the project to make Page Builder work with all major browsers is complete, we are moving on to improving the functionality and usability of Page Builder.

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