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New Subscription Process

New Subscription Process
<div>Subscribe Icon</div> The Army FRG Site has instituted a new subscription process for users. Under the old system, we asked users to locate their FRG first. This was sometimes problematic since Family Members may not necessarily know where their Sponsor's Unit was located. While we provided a way to look up your Sponsor, it was not obvious.

Under the new system, we will ask the user for the Sponsor information straight away. Since users must indicate who their Sponsor is in order to subscribe, the system now asks this first so that they can get a list of only those sites for which the Sponsor has been added to the Sponsor Database. For example, if someone were to click on Texas in the old system, a list of more than 300 sites would appear. If you don't happen to know the Community for your site or its exact name, you may be very hard-pressed to find it. Under the new system, after you look up your Sponsor, you will only see the specific sites that Sponsor is connected to.

The system also provides better guidance to the user along each step of the process. For example, it explains what a Sponsor is and why we need to know the last four of the SSN. There are also better systems for detecting if the user already has an account and needs to log in first before subscribing.

New guides for subscribing as a Sponsor and as a Family Member can be found here:

Army FRG Service Member Registration Quick Start Guide
Army FRG Family Member Registration Quick Start Guide
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