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FDA Press Release
<div>Wrench icon for addtion of languages to eAFMS</div></div>
Languages Added to eAFMS
The ability to send messages in multiple languages has been added to eAFMS.

Full instructions can be found in the guides for eAFMS (
<div>Browser Icons</div>
Chrome, Firefox, and Safari...

The changes to Army FRG to allow for the use of Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have continued and now include Page Builder. You will be able to manage your entire site using...

<div>Army Logo for new Home Page Announcement</div></div>
New Army vFRG Home Page

You may have noticed the Army vFRG Home Page has a new look! The new rotating graphic on the homepage is cross-browser and HTML5 compatible, meaning it can be seen from all modern desktop...

<div>Subscribe Icon</div> New Subscription Process
The Army FRG Site has instituted a new subscription process for users. Under the old system, we asked users to locate their FRG first. This was sometimes problematic since Family Members may not...
<div>Department of Defense Logo</div> Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Management...
Last month, Secretary Hagel ordered an extensive 30-day review of the Department of Defense's efforts to achieve the president's goal of creating a seamless health record that integrates Veterans...
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